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Project Overview

The need for quick access is taking people towards watches and wearable - a place which is completely distraction free. was a smartwatch app built on the same customer behavior. We worked on the multi-faceted application to establish it as the ONLY app you would need when on the move.


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We insist on moving to
smaller screens and going

- Nitin Bansal
Founder, White Pencil

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Manage your health

What do you do to keep up with your health during those days when you’re swamped at work? Our app makes it easy for you to “watch it” every step of the way. From evaluating your workout performance to tracking different health metrics like burnt calories, distance covered and more, we leave you no excuse to turn a blind eye to your health anymore.

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Stick tight to your schedule calculator

Organize daily tasks, access the calendar and stay ahead of the game by supervising your priority list from literally anywhere. Our motive is to let you multitask without you having to worry about functionality barriers.

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Up your communication game calculator

From keypads to on-screen keyboards, a lot has changed in the last few decades. But it’s still isn’t enough for this swift world that we live in. who’s got the time to do keypads anyways? We need something faster and better like one-tap-voice messages.

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Keep close tabs on
your finances dollar

Not all of your finances are your accountant's job, some are yours too. Through the app, you can easily scrutinize your daily expenses.

In one tap you can get an estimate of your category-wise daily expenses, check on youraccount balance and we almost forgot - make payments on the go with the tap in feature.


Navigate easily dollar

Navigating your way to your desired destinations made easier with's built-in GPS feature.

Now you can schedule calls, set reminders or even check with an ongoing project while you keep one eye on your route.


Find your people
wherever you go! navigetor

What if you could bump into people virtually too? Well, that’s exactly what we are talking about here; with, you can track those in your contact list in minutes. So the next time someone special is around you, you never miss paying them a visit!


Our relationship with clients is
based on trust

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