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Designing a vibrant identity
for a sustainable initiative


Our services

  • Branding


  • FMCG

Time Spent

  • 2 months

The Context

  • Project background and description Muggin is a Singapore based brand that turns trash into commodities that we use everyday, Mugs. The concept of juggler talks about sustainability, environment preservation and taking ‘trash’ away from the dear planet. The project revolves around building a brand that speaks volume about its values and is cool enough for the audience to be hooked.

  • Project goals and objective Our objective with this project was to create clear significance of environment protection and sustainability through our visuals and content. Through the lens of the audience we wanted to create a brand that’s as impactful as our values and matches the personality of the product.


Our Approach

Keeping in mind the vibrant personality of the product and the conscious idea of turning trash into usable products, we decided to keep things loud, colourful yet impactful in a way that our audience understands the motive beyond just visuals.



Since we’re using a mix of bold and neutral color pallete, we kept the typography minimal yet striking by a combining Serif and Sans Serif fonts with bold and Italic variations.


Marketing a product that is basically trash was tedious task. The WP team gave life to our brand and took it to a level where even we couldn’t believe was possible. Really appreciate the efforts and attention to detail throughout.

Avvy Tan
Marketing Manager Muggin’ Company
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Reimagining a new way of
storytelling for one of the best
Design Institutes in India

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Our goal was to create a seamless yet impactful experience for the students. TDV being a design institute, our main aim was to uphold what the brand starts for which is that they give a holistic experience.

  • Brand Identity
  • visual Communication Strategy
  • UX/UI Design
  • Website Development
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