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Time Spent

  • 3 months

Finvolv is an end-to-end customizable solution that helps FinTech businesses, banks build digital and deploy solutions. They contacted us to build a marketing plan that would translate their complex offerings into easy to understand communications. We worked with them to build multiple marketing collaterals, ensuring that their brand communication was impactful yet simple.

Project ideation and challenges

Finvolv was built on a technical idea where banks and financial service businesses could build digital products, user journeys, APIs, and deploy them. The challenge they were facing was in terms of sharing their values to stakeholders in an easy to grasp language. Our team helped them work on a UI/UX and content strategy that translated their business in easy words and shared the word on social media.

  • Project background Finvolv was an innovative offering of the FinTech space. Inspite of having a disruptive solution, they were finding it difficult to establish a strong brand presence due to an undefined branding and marketing communication.

  • The challenges The biggest challenge we faced in the project was working through different versions of inputs. Initially, we were working with the sales team who gave a download which was different from what the business team offered later in the journey. Another roadblock was in terms of differentiating the marketing communication strategy according to different stakeholders.

  • Project objectives For us, the vision was clear - everything from Finvolv UI/UX design to content and social media presence should make the brand's offerings clear. We started with creating a communication roadmap that detailed user persona, simple user interface, and social media presence.


Our Approach

We followed a strategic approach where we drew out an action plan which divided the marketing communication rebranding campaign into fixed milestones. After creating a user persona and marketing plan, we divided the projects into tasks ranging from website creation to creating content structures around marketing collaterals, and social media.

1. Building Brand Assets

Reimagine Digital Lending Playbook

The first task that we picked up in the Finvolv rebranding campaign was creating brand assets from scratch.

Right from fixing the color codes to something that the financial industry would attach with money matters to selecting the right font style and orientation after a thorough design sprint session, we ensured that the project was off to a great start.

Our team of design and brand experts brainstormed the vision for Finvolv 2.0 and created a moodboard for the platform. We detailed out the brand assets down to every click, icon, and font choice.




colors colors


illustrations colors

Being a Design College, what else would represent the brand assets better than shapes in its core form. Keeping in mind the diamond of the Logo, we created all our shapes and vectors around that. Hence, keeping the minimal and impactful theme that we wanted to achieve.

2.Revamping website
  • Homepage
  • About Us
  • Partners
  • Testimonials
  • Metrics
  • Contact
  • Career
  • Open Positions
  • Partners
  • Search Job
  • Testimonials
  • Contact
  • Platforms
  • LMS
  • DOS
  • API Hub

With the brand assets ready, it was time to transfuse them into the website. We started with creating an information architecture around how different users would move inside the website and how we can connect their end journey to booking product demos.

3. Strategizing content

After setting up the skeleton of the project, it was time for us to add mind and soul in it through a well-strategized content plan.

We hand-held the team in finding topics which worked for all the individual conversion funnels, creating a content calendar, and a repository of value-offering content. Our team, in a way to make the website launch all the more impactful, worked on customer stories and blogs that acted as the validation of Finvolv's effectiveness in digitalizing the FinTech landscape.

4. Social Media and Brand collaterals

One of the biggest pain points for Finvolv was the inability to connect with their audience. A solution to this lay in humanizing their brand, changing their complex image to a helpful one.

Our social media experts ran in-depth competitor and audience analysis to identify the kind of content that was working for other brands in the same space. We then combined that knowledge into multiple creative angles to give a unique voice to the Finvolv brand on social media.

call action
call action
call action
call action
call action
call action
5. Website Final Design

Backed by an impactful sitemap, we went on to writing conversion + SEO friendly content copies which were curated with user persona in focus. Impactful content merged with immersive design and intuitive CTA placements, marked the success of Finvolv 2.0.

final design
final design
final design
final design
final design

The Impact

The project lasted for a span of 3 months and in just 2 months of the new website launch and continued refined marketing communication efforts, the average time spent on the website rose to over 56%. Moreover, the monthly website traffic went up by 74% and the rate at which businesses were booking demos throught he website had a similar story to share, with a 20% rise.


Decrease in bounce rate


Increase in number of
website visitors


Increase in CTA
click through rate

“The White Pencil Team was professional, thorough, and detailed in their approach and went above and beyond the expectations to support us till the final step of implementation.”

Aparna Sharma

CFO, Finvolv

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  • Visual Communication Strategy
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  • Social Media Marketing
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