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Generative Ai and its impact on various marketing segments

It was only until a few years ago till we were in awe of the capabilities that the internet had to offer to us.  Easy acces to products and services, a large pool of information and whatnot made us feel extremely connected to the rest of the world irrespective of…

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Instagram Threads – all we know about it so far

Are you Threading already?  Or is it just the 100 million users who have already signed up on the app?  In the last 5 days, Threads managed to become a hot topic across the globe.  If you’ve been MIA, here’s what you need to know.  On July 5, 2023, Meta…

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Why conversational marketing is essential for customer engagement

A simple conversation goes a long way. It is true for relationships and businesses.  Brands flourish by maintaining a connection with their customers not simply through websites but by going a step further and directly reaching them. The users feel seen and identified when they get to experience content tailor-made…

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How can moment marketing help brands stay relevant?

When planning your brand’s marketing strategy, the first thing to consider is relevance. You need to ensure that your marketing efforts align with what’s trending around you. It would be a total disaster if you started promoting Valentine’s Day during Christmas or missed out on using popular events like the…

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